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05-17-2013, 04:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Is that a joke?
What role would Bieksa play on your team?

(here's a hint, Salo plays 1st pair on your team...Bieksa and him have been on the same team for a long time and Bieksa has been ahead of Salo for years).

A 1st + top prospect is a minimum asking price for a guy that plays 23+ minutes a night, plays a position of need for everyone (RHD), has put up over 40 points, has played shutdown minutes effectively, and has demonstrated toughness and an ability to fight, and is signed to a reasonable salary for multiple years.

I can understand if you have no interest in trading for an upgrade on D but it seems like other fans of your team want to address your defenseman situation.

Originally Posted by ohnoeszz View Post
Everyone wants young cheap talent. No one wants to give it up. Its a fantasy that it can be acquired for a trade price that isn't overly exorbitant.
Wouldn't you say the same thing about a big minute RHD, who can put up 40 points while playing shutdown minutes, and can step up physically to protect teammates?

Originally Posted by ohnoeszz View Post
He plays 22-23 minutes a night. The reason to trade him is to acquire a top 6 winger with talent that fits the other talent we have.
I don't like Purcell for Bieksa. The value is not there IMO...I don't like Purcell for $4.5M and I think a lot of Tampa fans feel the same way.

Originally Posted by ohnoeszz View Post
No team drafting top 3 is trading a first the next year and it doesn't make sense for the Canucks to add Connolly when they have Jensen/Gaunce ready for the NHL in the next year or two with Kassian already improving at the NHL level. Their need is a bonafide proven offensive talent to play with Kesler while the Sedin's cup window is still open.
If you can't see the difference between Connolly and Jensen/Gaunce, you need to look harder.

Jensen's two-way game certainly isn't NHL ready. Gaunce's skating isn't where it needs to be (yet). Connolly represents a significant upgrade on those guys.

Connolly also brings a completely different game from Kassian. The kid is a snipe show.

Originally Posted by ohnoeszz View Post
The Canucks don't have the cap space for a high-priced UFA signing and there is a very small market of quality UFA players that would fill the Canuck's needs. Other teams with more money will be bidding for them.
Have you noted Purcell's cap hit ($4.5M). That is exactly enough money to sign a player of his calibur.

That's the main reason I don't like the trade, Purcell is not a great value at his cap hit while Bieksa is IMO.

In regards to the rest of your post, I do agree that Purcell would be a good fit with Kesler...I just don't think he's as valuable as Bieksa (in terms of player value or in cap space).

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