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05-17-2013, 05:25 AM
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Kane's situation reminds me of this one joke.

A guy sit's in a country-side bar, drinking his beer. A stranger comes in, sits besides that guy and sees the guy is feeling a bit blue.

The stranger asks the guy: "Why with the long face?"

The sad guy answers: "Did you saw that big, great house beside this bar?"

Stranger answers: "Yes. Of course"

Sad guy: "I built that house, all by myself. But do they call me 'Brian the housebuilder?' No!"

Sad guy asks again: "Did you came over that bridge crossing that big river?"

Stranger: "Of course."

Sad guy: "I build that bridge too. All by myself. Took me two years. Do they call me 'Brian the bridge-builder?' NO! But try and **** a sheep once...."

Kane probably has/still has some personal issues but he had a great year and on-ice I have no complaints about him. I still think St.Louis should and he will take this. I would have not pegged Kane as the top-3 but he is far from the worst candidate.

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