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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
I was reading an article about EJ from an analyst (can't seem to find it now) where the analyst was a little "wary" of EJs accuracy. He stated his completion % could have been better and at 67% in college, rule of thumb is to subtract 10 points and that's what the QB will usually get in the pros their first few years.It seems a lot of other scouting reports mention Manuel's accuracy as a possible weakness.The funny thing is,since 1977 EJ Manuel actually has the 20th best Career completion % in NCAA history.I was mad at the pick at the time of the draft but he's warming up to me.I know rookie camps and mini camps are usually useless in judging a player, but he is saying the right thing and is showing a rocket arm and good leadership.I'm praying he is finally the franchise QB we have been looking for since Jim Kelly.

Andrew Luck Senior Season = 71.3%; First NFL season = 54.1%; dropped a total of 17.2%
RG3 Senior Season = 72.4%; First NFL season = 65.6%; dropped a total of 6.8%
Ryan Tannehill Senior Season = 61.6%; First NFL season = 58.3%; dropped a total of 4.1%
Russell Wilson Senior Season = 72.8%; First NFL season = 64.1%; dropped a total of 8.7%

So 3 out of 4 rookie QB's dropped their completion percentage less than 10%.

Seems like QB's in college who have a huge senior season that is no where close to their previous seasons are more likely to have a bigger drop. College stats mean so little because of the level of competition and the offensive scheme.

EJ was consistent at 65-69%. Russell Wilson went from 54% to 72.8% through his college career. Luck went form 56% to 71%. Tannehill went from 65% to 61%. RG3 went from 60% to 72%.

So the bottom line is that his % will drop, but 10% may be an exaggeration. If he can stick at around 62%, would it be that bad?

Tom Brady's completion percentage last season.... 63%. Matt Stafford, 59%. Eli 59%.

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