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05-17-2013, 07:15 AM
I like our team?
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Originally Posted by DatsyukToZetterberg View Post
The main problem is that we're still drafting at the bottom. At 18th overall, in this years draft, all of the good centerman with #1 potential will likely be gone before we can pick. The only centers I could see us taking are Horvat/Lazar/Wennberg and I think Horvat/Wennberg would have to fall to us and they project more as #2C guys then #1C. They only way to pick someone with #1C potential is to be in the top 10, or in some cases the top 3/5. I'd have no problem taking the BPA when we pick but by trading for someone like Edler/#2C we could trade some of our excess prospects for that center/defenceman. I think both will fill needs going forward as only Jarnkrok/Smith/Sproul even are projecting to fill those roles.

There comes a time when you have to sell off the surplus before you start to lose those players to waivers/contract space limits you. Soon we'll be at the 50 contract limit and GR is extremely full with some of our prospects having to be in the ECHL next year. If we continue to horde our prospects and we continue to hit we're going to have to make some tough choices about who we keep.
So you sell off excess prospects if you think that you can get a better return that way, I agree. I am not of the mind that you both sell multiple high end prospects and 1st round draft picks for Edler, or another defenseman unless that defenseman really brings something that the Wings are lacking. We have an Edler, he's called Kronwall.

Also, this is an offseason in which multiple teams will likely have to buy out players or restructure their teams because of poor cap-management decisions. This would be a good time for the Wings management to dictate terms of negotiation, and not get manhandled in terms of what we have to give up to get high(er) end players. With our burdensome surplus of cheap talent in Grand Rapids, we present the means for other teams to reduce their salary caps while remaining competitive. The Wings could even stand to improve the talent pool in which we draft by trading away prospects for higher end draft picks; can't go wrong there, so long as you are savvy about which prospects you're willing to sell off.

This isn't the time to send generous gift baskets of picks and prospects for talent; this is time for opportunism. There are plenty of other teams in the league that will be forced to give up talent that the Wings actually need, and we could get such players far cheaper than we could get someone like Edler, whom doesn't fill a particular need. Also, Edler was recently signed by Vancouver, and there is no longer a real opportunity that presents itself to acquire him; I'd love to have Zach Bogosian on the Wings, but that doesn't make much sense in terms of feasible acquisitions, does it? It doesn't make sense to negotiate with other teams when THEY can dictate the terms of negotiation. We have our defensive corps of the future set with what we have on the big team and in Grand Rapids, unless someone throws a gritty, heavy hitting and effective defenseman or two our way, in which case we take the offer, if it makes sense, and move on.

EDIT: Just found out that Bogosian is RFA; not the best example now of unfeasible acquisitions. Considering how many Winnipeg players are RFA or UFA 2013/2014 according to, Winnipeg might be a shining example of a team for opportunist teams to prey on. Time for Holland to complete his coup and bolster our defense by signing Derek Meech! Git'R Done, Kenny!

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