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05-17-2013, 08:20 AM
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Found this article yesterday, has some interesting tidbits in it...

I especially liked the part about Detroit/Holland, as their methods are what I mentioned prior as what I'd like to see the Sabres brass emulate.

Ken Holland has only picked in the first round six times in that same span. Instead, Holland prefers to load up in the second to fifth round range and trust his scouts to look for depth guys. This is smart for two reasons. 1) It lessens the risk of blowing a valuable first round pick. Would you rather use a first round pick to maybe get a starter, or would you use it, along with a mid-level prospect to get a bona fide starter from a basement dweller looking to shed a big contract? 2) It adds a quantity to the uncertainty of prospect development. Would you rather have one blue chip kid to groom in hopes he’ll become a top player or would you prefer four guys whose ceilings are respectively only a little lower? There’s no right answer to that question, but the Red Wings have a philosophy and they stick to their own answer. They have an answer to both of those questions and they stick with it.

In all, the Red Wings have been highly efficient with their drafts without throwing extra resources at moving up . Instead, it seems the Wings prefer to trade their first round picks for proven veterans who can help them win in the present while using second and third round picks in abundance to build depth on the team. It’s an approach that not only keeps them competitive every year, but it continues to allow them to build for the future. HUGE Advantage Holland.

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