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05-17-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
sorry, 1 of the PP`s. Look, coaches make decisions for reasons none of us are aware of.

Who`s on the D for the opponent as an example, who`s up front. Bottom line is this, it`s pretty clear as day for me the two reasons why Julien has/had Segs out there so much on the PP

1st--- coaches try to put players in positions to succeed, Segs` confidence and production aren`t where he nor anyone wants it to be so it`s 100% natural to have him in a position to succeed and break out of it, not like he puts Kelly/Soupy on the PP

2nd-- puck movement, the best PP`s are the best why??? Quick puck movement, constant moving of the feet too, while Segs may not be as smooth as DK, he does something that DK doesn`t, and that`s not hesitate to get rid of the puck quickly, distribute the puck to someone without hesitation.

I have NEVER (go ahead, go back and read through the years of posts) been a fan of DK on the PP. For those of us blessed to watch Savvy when he was playing, he was so effective for two reasons, one was a sublime on ice vision and awareness (which I believe both DK and Segs have) and two, he NEVER hesitated with the puck, he knew where it was going before it touched his blade.

Half of the issues on this PP are entrance to the zone with speed (DK doesn`t do this enough) and quick puck movement, again, not a DK strength
i disagree, i think his hands are lightning fast and the magic he creates out there is above and beyond when its playoff time. He has 14 friggin points and his unit sits the bench while those guys are out there not putting the puck in the net.

As for Seguin its time for him to get himself going, show some confidence and ****in move his feet consistently. He stands around watching the play like a rookie and IMO should be up in the stands for his sloppy and uninspired play.

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