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05-17-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Oh ok, got it, as long as you're close to your target. Hmm, have you looked into a 75 flex Reebok AI 9? They are stock 58" so you won't have to cut off too much. I find intermediate AI sticks have the largest shaft dimensions as well.

Have you looked into Nexus? Their flex profile is softer.

Check out Base custom sticks as well, I hear that they are whippier than rated.
Thanks AIR,

I went with a Widow Kremlin - twas on sale ($120) at HM in NJ. I really did want the Nexus, but $200+ on a stick sounds crazy, especially for the beating I typically put them through. I checked out the AI as well, and I've heard great things about their performance, but I simply passed.

I also picked up Step Steel (was going to have Edge holders put on my XXXXs) and tried on the APX2s. So between the Widow and SS, I did pretty well. But I'm a long way off from $1,000 skates.

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