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05-17-2013, 10:03 AM
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Tried on the APX2s the other day - really impressed with the fit/forward flex. A bit softer than I expected, but plenty of support none the less.

One thing was the balls of my feet felt tight, the left wasn't bad, just enough to notice it, but would certainly loosen up. The right worried me, it was about as tight as I could possibly take, bordering on painful. Luckily, it was before the toe cap (and it's stitching), in ankle socks (thicker than my skate socks) and using unmodified stock foot beds (that have those flaps that pop up). So I figure a mixture of baking, trimming/replacing the footbeds, and skate socks should be plenty to fix it. And if not, I can punch the area.

The next hurdle is the price tag, maybe by Xmas I'll be able to afford them - I just hope my 40s last that long.

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