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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
The Eskimos missed the playoffs in 1971- the first year I started regularly attending the games (as a 10 year old with my dad). They didn't miss again until 2006, racking up 10 Grey Cup championships along the way. Life events negatively affected my interest level for a few years during the 90's but the Eskimos never lost their status as the professional sports franchise I cared about the most. Also I kept going to the games, missing only 10 in the last 42 seasons. The team finally missing the playoffs in '06 was a blow to my happiness but not to my loyalty. I was a fan of neither Danny Maciocia or Eric Tillman but not following the green & gold was simply never an option for this die-hard.

My interest level going into the '13 season is extremely high. I really want to see the Hervey/Reed regime succeed even though I honestly have no idea if it will do so. Does this attitude qualify me as an incisive football analyst? No, but that's not what I was going for anyway.
My interest really only dropped when DM was on borrowed time and when they moved games to Wednesday or Thursday nights. As someone that was born roughly 10 years after your first game as a ten year old the Eskimos have always been more than just a game. It has been an event filled evening.

Either starting with some pops at the End Zone or on having a BBQ at a buddies or a super on a patio on whyte. It would then be 3 hours with watching football with a bunch of friends and running into more throughout the game. The night would then be topped off by going back to one of those 3 locations that we started at or somewhere else downtown or on whyte. Whether Eskimo football was good or bad, it's always been a night out with Friends/Family and to me nothing beats going to a game in July on a nice Friday night.

The great thing about going to an Eskimo game is you can go with anyone from someone that didn't know the football looked like Stewie Griffin's head, to a diehard who knows more about the players than the GM. The cost of the game just isn't something that is an obstacle when getting people out.

I'm more of a fan of the NHL, NFL, Boxing, MMA, but the atmosphere in Commonwealth Stadium is really an experience if you want it to be.

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