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05-17-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
to tell the truth it's because of my friends.
as we all get older and have other commitments, going to a game together is one of the few evenings we can have a guys night out. (and one where the wives don't complain) So we renewed to be able to get together in the fresh air, people watch, and hang out together for a couple of drinks.
the football now comes after that. we've been to so many poorly played football games over the last 5 or 6 years that we expect nothing but crap from the team and are pleasantly surprised when the esks do play a solid game.
( pretty sad that the flagship of the league has sunk to that level)

I like football, like seeing it live (I've learned so much about the game by being able to watch where the ball isn't. tv games are so limiting.), doing so with friends, and am only committed to 10 nights a season. it helps that the product is still fairly affordable.
Thanks, I'm just looking for reasons to kickstart my interest. Not sure why it is but last year was a real turn off for me. After all the unsuccessful years I was hoping to see the Eskimos play less conservative ball last year. I was greatly disappointed. Of course losing to the Argos of all clubs absolutely disgusted me. We could lose to the Stamps 5 times in a row and it wouldn't have the same impact. Like yourself, I suspect I'll go, but I'm not expecting much.

Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
The Eskimos missed the playoffs in 1971- the first year I started regularly attending the games (as a 10 year old with my dad). They didn't miss again until 2006, racking up 10 Grey Cup championships along the way. Life events negatively affected my interest level for a few years during the 90's but the Eskimos never lost their status as the professional sports franchise I cared about the most. Also I kept going to the games, missing only 10 in the last 42 seasons. The team finally missing the playoffs in '06 was a blow to my happiness but not to my loyalty. I was a fan of neither Danny Maciocia or Eric Tillman but not following the green & gold was simply never an option for this die-hard.

My interest level going into the '13 season is extremely high. I really want to see the Hervey/Reed regime succeed even though I honestly have no idea if it will do so. Does this attitude qualify me as an incisive football analyst? No, but that's not what I was going for anyway.
I have a similar history with the club and I was an ardent Reed fan until last season. His performance, rants, one sided perspectives and bias were like seeing me standing on the sidelines kicking water coolers..

Its one thing to rant and lose some control on a messageboard. Completely another to do so in your field of employ and lose any objectivity re players.

Reeds handling of personnel last year was a disgrace. He would be all over some of the best players on the team while sending out dopes like Koch, the Center, on every down.

As for Hervey I'm not nearly as aware as a lot of you what the players are going to be like until they hit the turf here. I tend to never count chickens until I see what players looke like up here and how interested they are to be playing football up here. Years of attending training camps leads me to believe its not the player, its the attitude one comes with that makes the team.

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