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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
That's not the point though, what is important in this is that the crowd cheered when Staal was helped off the ice. That's the exact opposite of heckling a player. I am not pretending to know anything, I am just saying that if you claim that fans were heckling Staal, then you were not paying attention to what was actually going on because they did not heckle him.

I also had a "home team reaction" at first (booing the referees for changing the 2 min to 5 min GM), but then calmed down realizing it was the right call. I think that's kind of normal, and it has nothing to do with the other player, Staal in this case.

The behavior was deplorable.

I have no idea how a fan in attendence could not notice from the word go that a player on the ice was seriously injured. On this side of the pond its considered decency to have that be the central concern when a player is seriously hurt. Usually a hush and worried buzz fills the crowd when this happens. To be instead busy jeering the refs and jeering a Canadian player down smacks of DB's run amuck. Not a pretty sight and the fans in attendance should be ashamed.

Make no mistake, this reaction from the fans was because they were playing Canada. Because it was an irrelevant, loathsome, Canadian player down on the ice. Right?

Show concern for the player first and foremost, regardless of team, flag or country.

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