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05-17-2013, 11:09 AM
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i think he has looked better on the 4th line, than he did skating with MR and Carts. he seemed to worried about staying out of their way, or setting them up. now he is just out there playing his game and making things happen. his overall play is better, his aggressiveness has improved and his positioning.
I agree, I think the fact, for now, esp in the playoffs, he's being slotted in a position where he's not facing top competition is good for him and gives him a chance to shine in a more comfortable area.
Hard to take your eyes off him last night, he looked very comfortable playing in all 3 zones. He's a shooter and I think he'd be a good fit with Kopi, and maybe move Brown down to the 2nd line next year. Having 2 shooters on the 2nd line wouldn't be as balanced .But the kid is clearly a top 6 player and you can see that in his play and decision making.

The kids I am excited about next are

Gravel (I know I love the kids game but whats not to love)
Shore (I once said that he didn't use his head enough right before he was drafted. I was proven wrong about a month later and have remained happily wrong ever since. He is going to be Stolls replacement when the time comes and will be an upgrade I think by a considerable amount)
Vey (I am happy to see him silence his critics. For my money though the play different positions and provide different contributions he is equal to or even better than Toffoli. Vey is becoming the player I was accused of over hyping when he was drafted. Gonna be a good one)
Kozun (GROW KID GROW so DL and DS will give you your much deserved shot. If he makes it it won't be long before he is loved for his hands hits and huge amount of testicular fortitude)
Deslariers (I still bang the drum)
Pearson (He is ready to step up and get his shot. I like his compete level and his skating. He could be a top 6LW that plays a solid hard good effort two way game for us or he could become a 3rd liner who plays the way we all wish King would but he is going to be a player)
Thanks for the summary, and with Deano getting what? 10 more this year in the draft? Stocking that farm system and keeping it rich.

I am looking forward to Pearson maybe making the team next year on LW, he's clearly on that path. A friend of mine who does fantasy hockey asked meabout him because he knows I am a Kings fan. he said (and I don't know fantasy hockey so I wasn't familiar with the name/site) Dobbler hockey or someone who posts articles there had a nice piece on Pearson and how he's rising fast.

Anyway, I liked your overview
Kings are lucky you don't have HOmer...took many bad decisons and valuable picks traded away for too many years and now a thin farm system that needs to be restocked.

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