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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The behavior was deplorable.

I have no idea how a fan in attendence could not notice from the word go that a player on the ice was seriously injured. On this side of the pond its considered decency to have that be the central concern when a player is seriously hurt. Usually a hush and worried buzz fills the crowd when this happens. To be instead busy jeering the refs and jeering a Canadian player down smacks of DB's run amuck. Not a pretty sight and the fans in attendance should be ashamed.

Make no mistake, this reaction from the fans was because they were playing Canada. Because it was an irrelevant, loathsome, Canadian player down on the ice. Right?

Show concern for the player first and foremost, regardless of team, flag or country.

Oh come on. It's just a difference in culture, european crowds are more emotional and rowdy. Has nothing to do with a lack of respect or people wanting guys to get hurt. And it has nothing with sweden playing canada.
If you watch the SEL playoffs you'll see similar reactions all the time, the crowd always booing the ref or calls the ref makes no matter how bad the hit. And then applauding the guy getting stretched off. It's just more emotion and much less conduct and unwritten rules in european sports than across the pond.

I think it's this difference that's also causing all the ridiculous commotion after Yakupovs celebrations. I also recall there was a lot of talk about Anisimov "shooting" Garon after scoring a few years ago, over here there might have been some reaction on the ice just from guys getting angry over getting scored on but most likely noone would have been bothered. It's sort of ok to rub it in after you've scored over here.

I've also been to NHL games when the loudest chants from the crowd was "hit him in the head" when Sidney Crosby was on the ice ofc referring to his many concussions so, you know, that conduct only go so far.

To bring this back on topic. I don't disagree that Ruffs coaching wasn't up to par and hasn't been for years. Considering the roster he had losing to a swedish team that basically was the Sedins+Louie, Enroth, an underwhelming Landeskog and some scrubs is a massive failure.
Having said that I think the defending of Halls performance is a bit out of hand, he didn't look too good out there, a bit sloppy, his positioning was not good. Yeah he put up points this past season and is starting to break out as a star in the NHL but you're only as good as your last shift and his shifts this tournament was so so from what I saw.
I liked Hall's season, he didn't just put up points, he took this team by the balls and brought them to wins on several occasions. However he still has loads to learn before he's an absolute top player in this league and he's still inconsistent. I hope and think he will get there, the success of this Oiler team depends on it, but he'll need to put down the work to get there, getting benched in the WC might actually help him in that regard. The idea of earning minutes is kind of a new concept for him considering how bad this Oiler team has been since he arrived.

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