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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Canadian National clubs for whatever reason are generally regarded with contempt in Sweden. I am stating that is part of the dynamic which contributed to the woeful disregard for an obviously seriously injured Canadian player writhing on the ice. That he is a Canadian player, playing in a game against Sweden, in Sweden, is part of that dynamic, it shouldn't be.

Again in NA when a man goes down seriously hurt that is always the primary focus of the crowd. Not jeering.

Of course this being a Canadian player down on the ice in serious pain meant the crowd didn't have to (in their minds) show immediate concern or compassion. Because thats the last thought that would be held out for a Canadian player in Sweden.

The conduct of the crowd revealed contempt.
Canada is by far the most respected national team when it comes to hockey in sweden. Yeah the whole "big bad Canada" idea still lives on but that's mainly out of respect and fear from getting manhandled by canadian teams through the years. And it's not like it doesn't go both ways with the whole idea of chicken swedes and soft euros.

Canada-Sweden games tend to be highly emotional, and will likely be even more so down the line since I believe we are the two nations with the strongest youth programs and best young players coming up, but don't mistake passion and a strong sense of us v them for contempt when it's really the other way around.
We love nothing more than beating the crap out of Canada and the reason for that is that you are the ones to beat. In the eighties you're part was played by soviet.

As of now you are the strongest hockey nation out there and since you love to overstate that fact ofc emotions are going to run extra high.

But contempt. No. Emotions and a difference in culture. Yes.

You should just hear the build up to the Sweden-Finland game. The finns aren't holding any punches and I'm loving it.

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