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05-17-2013, 01:02 PM
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Not sure where you're located but any Bauer retailer can help you with this.

I currently skate in a pair of custom Flexlite 4.0 Pro's. I broke my fibula and ankle and after surgery, my feat are two different sizes. Here is what I had done:

Left (broken foot)
10EEEE boot
double stitched
added material in the eyelet area
increased stiffness
old supreme felt tongue
rise on the inside of the holder
increased protection on the sides of the boot

Right Side (normal foot)
Old Supreme felt tongue
double stitched
increased stiffness

I'm pretty sure we customized a few other things but they were minute stuff that we just added in.

They cost me $750 at the time, it was $550 for the skates and a $200 upcharge.

I'm in the process of getting my next pair of skates done, which will be the Nexus 1000s. Just know that you can only get their top of the line skates customized (this may not be nec true if you're a NCAA college player from what i've been told, but even then its only the next level down from top of the line). I'm currently working with the guys at a Total Hockey by me and what i've been quoted was retail price and an $80 upcharge. This charge may change depending upon the severity of the changes needed and i know mine are extreme. (To quote the last rep, "you require more tweaks than Peter Foresburg"). The first quote they gave me came in at around 1,000 due to the top of the line skates now being $800. In a sense, Bauer has priced me out of their skates and I'm looking at other options (CCM/Reebok and Graf) but i'm so comfortable in Bauers i may just have to take the hit.

My skates i've had for almost 4 years, playing 2+ teams all year long and multiple tournaments and they've held up fairly well. I'm obviously not skating like i was when i was younger and going through a pair of skates a season but the increased stiffness etc that we added have def helped allow the skates to hold up.

Hopefully this gives you more insight to the costs.

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