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05-17-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
Bill, how long is Julian's get out of jail free card good for? At what point does PC start thinking, a change is needed?
I think it would take two failed seasons, followed by a rebuild, followed by more failure.

I think Chiarelli would do a soft-rebuild before changing his coach. If the coach still failed with the new group, then he'd fire the coach. I think Chiarelli has to be convinced, and I think that's what it would take to prove to Chiarelli that Julien isn't the best coach in franchise history.

Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
Agreed across the board Bill, but I do wonder why a GM would every truly wed himself to a coach and vice versa. You still have to look out for #1. Moreover, coaches often don't mesh with different rosters, and if over time this roster changed, why would we accept a GM who was hardheaded about his coach?
I think Chiarelli believes he has a special coach. One who saved his job in 2008. One that can succeed in any situation and with any roster, who has a good rapport with both the older players and the younger players, . And I think that Chiarelli wants to put an end to this yearly distraction (driven mostly by members of the media who don't. know. hockey.).

I outlined a 'sky is falling' scenario above with regards to what I think it would take to get PC to change his mind. But by the time all that came to pass, he'd probably be on the outs himself, which is why he's comfortable hitching wagons.

Originally Posted by ReggieMoto View Post
My god, how I hope and pray this is all true. It would restore my faith in the natural order of things...ok, so maybe that's a little over the top but only just a little.

I get the vibe from listening to Chiarelli during his interviews that this is how it is. It would seem to be that way with the way the coach continues to manage his roster. I sure do like hearing/reading from a reputable source who believes it to be so, too.
Thanks man. There are others (who know far more than I and are far more connected than me) who are on the same page with the 'package deal' theory as well.

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