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05-17-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Mergus merganser View Post
Andrew Luck Senior Season = 71.3%; First NFL season = 54.1%; dropped a total of 17.2%
RG3 Senior Season = 72.4%; First NFL season = 65.6%; dropped a total of 6.8%
Ryan Tannehill Senior Season = 61.6%; First NFL season = 58.3%; dropped a total of 4.1%
Russell Wilson Senior Season = 72.8%; First NFL season = 64.1%; dropped a total of 8.7%

So 3 out of 4 rookie QB's dropped their completion percentage less than 10%.

Seems like QB's in college who have a huge senior season that is no where close to their previous seasons are more likely to have a bigger drop. College stats mean so little because of the level of competition and the offensive scheme.

EJ was consistent at 65-69%. Russell Wilson went from 54% to 72.8% through his college career. Luck went form 56% to 71%. Tannehill went from 65% to 61%. RG3 went from 60% to 72%.

So the bottom line is that his % will drop, but 10% may be an exaggeration. If he can stick at around 62%, would it be that bad?

Tom Brady's completion percentage last season.... 63%. Matt Stafford, 59%. Eli 59%.
I totally agree.And I found the article, it was written by Gil Brandt

"Hackett acknowledged that Manuel needs to improve his footwork, but he thinks some tweaking should solve those issues. Manuel did have a less-than-optimal completion rate of 68 percent last season, which is a cause for concern. (The rule of thumb when it comes to projecting how that number will translate to the NFL is to drop it by 10 percent.) In an attempt to help him be more accurate, the Bills are having Manuel change how he holds the football."

I just think that saying the 20th best completion % in NCAA history since 1977 is less then optimal is pretty mystifying. That sports science with Manuel showed that he was the most accurate QB they had on the show in that one drill with the mid range passes.

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