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05-17-2013, 12:47 PM
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I play B+( There is a step below B) league and C+(There is also a C- and C) league so I see both sides of the argument. In the B+ league I am around a 1 ppg/.5gpg player, and I am above average( there are better players on every team than me though, but there are also worse players). There are betters players on my team and on other teams. That is my true league according to skill level. I also play in the C+ league, but playoff defense and just work on skating hard to loose pucks and stop and go's stick handling, quick outlet passes, and do not try to go end to end. Last night got two assist playing defense. I took a few shots from the point, but easily could have skated coast to coast on numerous occasions. I try to practice on my passes instead of going end to end Bobby Orr style. If one of their better players tries to get by me; I will always talk joy in stealing the puck from him. There are a few players in the league around my skill level. Most of the guys are below though. The other players I kind of just make sure they stay in front of me and pass the puck. The only time I actually try to steal a puck from a player who is a bad player is if they try to body me. I just stand my ground and move the puck out. I did score in the shootout, but the rest of the team is bad and did not score. I play in this league to play with friends and to work on other parts of my game I would not normally focus on during a more advanced league. I have like 3 assist in 2 games and 1 shootout goal in the C+ league and in the B+ league 8 games 5 goals and 3 assist. The best players in the B+ league have around 15 points at this time. I usually play forward, but in the C league I play defense. I just enjoy playing hockey and playing with friends and Thursdays and Mondays are the only nights that work for me.

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