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05-17-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Highbrow View Post
I could see the third goaltender coming down to either Holtby, Ward, or Reimer. Price and Loungo are the favourites for the top two in my mind though.
Agreed. Price and Luongo have the recent track record to prove they should be the starters. Both are still star goalies, regardless of what their respective fan bases or critics say. The top 2 spots are theirs to lose IMO, and they would have to do a lot to lose them. I'm thinking absolutely catostrophic summer camp and season or a major injury that prevents them from playing.

The third spot will be the one that Reimer could get. Ward really hasn't done enough in recent years to be considered a lock, and really is just riding off of his Cup win. Holtby and Reimer are both relatively young and while they have had their struggles, both have potential. I would think it comes down to a last minute decision between the two of them for spot 3.

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