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05-17-2013, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
No, it happened emphatically, with zeal, on a play the ref could not have been clear on. Ask yourself why.

Obviously the logical thing to do there if unsure is not make the call. To make that call late in the game on a very questionable instance, with Sharks already down a man, was not just "a mistake, it happens" It damn well predictably caused the outcome of the key game, and quite possibly series.

When in doubt let the teams on the ice decide the outcomes. Thats why I watch the games, to see skilled players effect and determine outcomes. Not some blind anal zebra with a bloated ego wanting to be the center of attention determining outcome in a playoff game.

Nobody watching that game could come away with any impression that this call tied the game.
I don't disagree with you that the NHL has a problem with superstar refs, and if there was a way to make them less able to be intrusive I would be all for it.

My contention is with the idea that the rule itself is stupid, or has no value.

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