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05-17-2013, 01:16 PM
Richter Scale
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I'll actually say that I think Oates was right to say there wasn't much whining from his team about the ref'ing during the series. I was actually surprised to see in his post game interviews that there wasn't more gamesmanship in terms of complaining about the refereeing.

Now, did Caps players make other dumb comments during the series? Absolutely. Were their fans and their broadcasters insufferable? 100 %. But I thought Oates was relatively mild, even classy compared to the other commentary out there during the series. He went about his business.

Interesting that he actually answered that last question. Don't know what he was thinking. Not really that surprised though - guy had contract/$$ issues with virtually every team he played on when he was in the NHL and clearly had a huge ego.

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