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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Nah, some of you aren't old enough. The Canadian National Team was despised by Swedes even in the 60's with Father Bauer being ever pacifist stopping his Canadian team from reacting to whats going on.

When Team Canada's head coach, a man of the clergy at that, is injured by a Swedish player throwing a broken stick at him(broken with a vicious crosscheck to a Team Canada players back) and hitting him in the head in the 1964 Olympics know that theres some history here. Think about that. As bad as you want to make out Canadian players when has a Canadian player injured an opponent coach? Most canadian players have heard about that episode as one of the most sickening things they'd ever seen.

Father Bauer used to talk about how for some reason Swedes couldn't stand the Canadian hockey players and how biased officiating and the IIHF was. This being long before the Broadstreet bullies.

A Canadian POV on this is of course going to be different. The average Canadian player doesn't have a high opinion of some swedish tactics either.
Take my word for it, Swedish fans and/or opinions/reactions have nothing to do with what happened in -64. 99% of Swedes will tell you that Canada plays more physical than we do and have out-muscled us on many occasions.

We can start listing what Canada has done (see other posts) vs what Sweden has done (in -64) but it comes down to the fact that the game in NA is more physical than the game in Europe. Hits, fights, etc are punished differently in Europe (or are not allowed) which actually drives me crazy sometimes. But people in Europe expect Canada (and USA by the way) to be the bad boys.

OiledUp put the finger on it. We have the highest respect for Canada and love(/hate) to play against them. Emotions for us run high. From what I heard from Canadians they don't see us as the no 1 rival, but we definitely do.

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