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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
Take my word for it, Swedish fans and/or opinions/reactions have nothing to do with what happened in -64. 99% of Swedes will tell you that Canada plays more physical than we do and have out-muscled us on many occasions.

We can start listing what Canada has done (see other posts) vs what Sweden has done (in -64) but it comes down to the fact that the game in NA is more physical than the game in Europe. Hits, fights, etc are punished differently in Europe (or are not allowed) which actually drives me crazy sometimes. But people in Europe expect Canada (and USA by the way) to be the bad boys.

OiledUp put the finger on it. We have the highest respect for Canada and love(/hate) to play against them. Emotions for us run high. From what I heard from Canadians they don't see us as the no 1 rival, but we definitely do.
I can agree with some of what both of you state. But you are both stating it from the Swedish perspective on an NA board to a devout Canadian. While I may appear to be slinging with some of this I'm actually being patient and with some restraint.

Canadians, and Canadian players, have their own views of Swedish player tactics and conduct in world hockey play. Its an unfavorable one by the way. Cheating and diving coming closest to the mark. So then especially odd that a Canadian writhing in pain on the ice isn't afforded basic decency from the crowd at the game. I dare say if this was a Swede kicking like he'd been shot on the ice playing in Canada there would be some momentary skepticism, for very good reason, followed by respectful attention if player was actually injured. Canadian players conversely don't have a habit of feigning injury so not sure why Swedes would suspect anything rotten in Denmark unless engaging in psychological "projection"..

All intended in good fun, till someone shoots their eye out.

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