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Originally Posted by Puritania View Post
They did cheer when he got up. But that doesn't cancel out the jeering while he was writhing on the ice.

They jeered Staal when he went down.
They cheered when he got up.
They boo'd the call afterwards.

The fact of the matter is, the crowd was giving it to Staal before the penalty was given. They couldn't know about the major penalty and the ejection before it was made. I honestly don't see how anyone could argue otherwise.
For whatever reason the video link isn't "available in my country (Canada) due to copyright reasons. Probably because I'm a loathsome Canadian. Anybody else getting this. I want to obsess and froth at the mouth some more by watching this.

PS For a lark I was watching the game from a Euro feed. The commentary for some reason being strange. Whenever Kanaaaadeyeeeennn (Canadian) was pronounced it was stated with an emotive invective tone that suggested axe murder. It sounded more like an accusation than an adjective. I laughed out loud several times as everytime canadian was stated it was with angst.

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