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05-17-2013, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The intent of the rule is to abate clear and conscious delay of game. The type of cynical play where a player just wanting to get off the ice and end play for any reason could just dump it over the boards even if he had time. Basically it was just get a linechange play.
Usually occurring when a tired line was out there and wanting a change.

The trouble is, as with many things, once a rule is developed theres a slippery slope that ends with what happend last night. Where a player, with no intent, and pressure, and who's stick was interfered with, and was being physically challenged at the moment ended up INADVERTENTLY dumping the puck slightly over the glass. Slightly.

There was no intent, none, it wasn't intent to delay game.

See how the spirit of the rule and application of the rule end up being different things?

I kind of like the rule. But I have zero faith in how NHL zebras define and apply it. Also, is the glass height exactly standardized in all NHL arenas.
No player ever intends to throw the puck out of play since they put the rule in, which is the whole point.

You can either deal with the occasional blown call, remove the penalty and watch teams again start using audience members as target practice every time they are up by one goal, or redefine it full of vague and subjective language that further puts the game into the hands of the referees.

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