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05-17-2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
You know I finally understand why people buy new.

It's just easier. Buying a used car is a real ****ing pain in the ass if you are looking for specific few models. You need time and patience for a worthwhile deal.

I'm thinking of just getting a new car from the U.S and drive it back. **** it.

It's just that I wanted to try a Subaru and all the new ones are nasty ugly imo. the nicest foresters and legacys were like from 05 to 07 more or less. The 2013-2014 look like every other car in the world.

They imo ruined the legacy with that typical round trunk. (sorry, not sure what else to call it).

Styling today for ''economy'' or 'mid-priced'' looks the same and I'm not such a fan
Im going to Toronto to check out a used car tomorrow, taking the car right to Budd's BMW paying $90 for the inspection, if they give me thumbs up I buy, buying from the states is worthless nowadays, you want to talk headaches, having to pass vehicle threw customs is a nightmare and then most vehicle need headlight retro fit which isnt cheap on some vehicles, and some vehicles need seatbelt retro fit which again isnt cheap. Pay a reputable dealer to do a pre safety inspection and if they give you thumbs up you buy.

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