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05-17-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
That was a bad game that the Rangers had a chance to steal.

We couldn't steal it.

The right team won last night. Our two goals were opportunistic, feeding off of defensive lapses in the Bruins. Their goals came through their style of play, and working for 'em.

Torts was right: there was no identity to that game. Both teams were just "playing". The penalties taken by Emminger gave the game a personality, and it gave it to the Bruins. Stupid penalty, and as usual, that's the one that killed us.

I'll admit, I have always, and will always, HATE Emminger. I can deal with stupid forwards, but not D-men. I can't wait for Staal to come back, and I was rooting for Torts to nail Emmy's idiot ass to the bench. He plays hard, and he hits, but my god is his decision making idiotic. I hate when he's on the ice, I hate when he takes himself out of position for a hit, and I hate when our #7 defenseman takes a penalty that results in a PP goal and giving up the lead in the playoffs.

Come back Staal. #44 is a detriment to any team.
I know you want to pretend like we played worse to absolve Lundvist but PLEASE. Their 3rd goal was a very nice one. However the first was an uncovered slap shot from the point and another one was a slapshot from pretty the point along the boards. If that's not "opportunistic" I don't know what is. At least our second goal was created by us and not some soft goal/fluke. Their first 2 goals were more opportunistic than our 2.

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