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05-17-2013, 01:58 PM
Richter Scale
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Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
I get it, but I can't really get on that bandwagon. He is making that money and performing like a rockstar most of the time.

If we want to talk about money and cap room, we should talk about the underperformers that are wasting dollars. cough Richards cough
I wasn't suggesting the Rangers get rid of Hank. Just pointing to how that big salary impacts what the rest of the roster looks like, and so - at least in part - whether this team has a good offense or not. It isn't the only factor - but it contributes to it.

Pittsburgh, one of the better teams in the league, has a pretty awful defense, and a big hole in goal. In a cap world, you're not going to have every aspect of the team be stellar. Something is going to have to suffer; whether it is depth, offense, defense, goaltending, not having top tier scoring talent, etc.

That said, right there with you on Richie. Not necessarily on board to buy him out this summer. But if his ****** play continues next season, by all means.

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