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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
Sure. But let's say you are a team owner. Would you rather try your luck in a big, well-working league like ECHL then would be or in a league where nobody knows how long they will make it?!
Let's say you're an owner of a team that is currently playing in the WPHL (doing business as the CHL). You have a signed agreement with the WPHL that allows you to play as a team in that league, and you have other assets. Most leagues have provisions in their agreements that prevent team owners from just jumping to another league without paying some kind of penalty, or, like a non-compete agreement, without sitting out at least one season. So, during the time of the contract (agreement) with the league, you, the WPHL team owner, cannot simply just move to the ECHL. You need to wait until the period of the contract is up, or hope the league folds, or grants you permission, or that you can buy your way out.

Fort Wayne and Evansville were, IIRC, technically UHL franchises playing in a merged interlocking schedule with the CHL for a couple of seasons during the period of the UHL/WPHL agreement. When that agreement was over (two seasons, again, IIRC) those owners became free agents, and chose to acquire ECHL franchises instead of re-upping with the UHL (which no longer exists) or the WPHL.

That may be why Rapid City (rumored to be going to the ECHL) didn't jump with Evansville and Fort Wayne -- they were a full WPHL franchise, and were thus restricted by the terms of their agreement with the WPHL. This season's portability likely is because their WPHL agreement's term is over.

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