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05-17-2013, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Nobody is going to look at their losses in the WC and think..hmm..I think Canada is on the down swing in international competition.

I don't care who they sent, they aren't our best players. It's not embarrassing, because outside of the players that are playing, not too many people even care or are paying attention to the tournament.

Even if they won gold I don't think many people would care. And how is Sweden not a good team? Just because they don't have NHL stars? they beat NHL stars, so clearly they ARE a good team.
That's not the point. It would have been embarrassing if Chicago lost in the 1st round to Minnesota. Just because they lost, doesn't mean they couldn't win the Cup the next year, but it's still embarrassing.

Canada has access to far more talent than Sweden, or any other country at the tournament.. and for 4 straight years, they can't even get to the medal rounds. That's embarrassing. Does it mean anything for the Olympics? No, but again, that's not relevant to the embarrassment of sending talented team after talented team, and losing to inferior competition.

And C'mon. It's not hard to see the players on both teams and see Canada is far and away the superior team. It's not even remotely close, talent-wise. Obviously, in a 1-game elimination game anything can happen, but Canada shouldn't be losing to Sweden when they're that undermanned.

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