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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
I agree on the Sturm comment- your boy Lewis is crazy to break up the line from last year the more I think about it. I really don't know what to do with Kessel to be honest- he should be up but where I'm not sure.

I was impressed by Mara today as was my bud- we isolated on him with and away from the puck. He skates well, is big, rubbed out a few Rangers. I would say TV did not do this guy justice.

I have really no opinion on Lewis to be honest but alteast half a dozen of my buds who lurk here or go to the games have said that guy Seekacup has some serious issues with Lewis. dude, it shows. It's the Hitler look. My dog for some reason hated news paper carriers. Same kid without the paper sack and no problem. Flip the sack on over the shoulder and my dog was showing more teeth than a Miss America contest. Really what is it? the stache

No doubt breaking up the Sturm line is Dumb.

Mara I believe had THREE countem THREE penalties. When you are a DMAN and you are still putting you're stick between onrushing players legs and tripping the second year of the new rules...Well thats just unacceptable.

As for Lewis....Again, I watched an awful lotta Winger games while he coached and quite frankly he was in over his head. Sincerely. He was outcoached time and time again and obviously Ken Holland in Detroit saw it because he hired Babcock after whipping Lewis. If you watched nightly you could even see it on a game to game basis.....Look, I love 90% of the moves here and the refreshing atmosphere around the organization.......That dont mean I have to cowtail to posters here who see everything as rosy. I guess the fact that we beat Montreal a couple times has everyone giddy.....Not me. IMO we have the horses to be a playoff team..If we are not I know who to blame.

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