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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
no sunken bowl? really? that is the first i've heard of this... strange... i guess that "pedway" (or whateve its called) that will go over the street will then feed into the concourse in between the two main teirs of seating?

i've never been in a NHL arena that didn't have a sunken bowl... are there any that have used this design?
I think part of the "wow" factor intended in present design is size related and with the snazzy shiny building looming over heads. I'm not a fan of the design elements or its human or streetfront interaction and think it is one of the spaceship type arenas dropped incongruently onto street level.

But it is what it is.

Its strange in this climate particularly because it just makes so much sense to have sub level development in this climate. Excavating clay is exceedingly cheap and easy, and there could be immense climate and heating/cooling benefits obtained by having much of at subground level.

PS how cool would this be?

A huge glass plexiglass dome "square" people could walk on at slightly above street level and the entire arena facility is located underground directly beneath. Call it the Iglomole..

Done on the cheap, very suitable for this climate, and no big concern for how purty it looks and how much it costs. Could probably build such a facility for half the price and people could look down on the action from street level or up at street level from inside the facility. That would be a neat and unique interaction suitable for here and not seen in many places.

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