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Originally Posted by SEEKACUP View Post
No doubt breaking up the Sturm line is Dumb.

Mara I believe had THREE countem THREE penalties. When you are a DMAN and you are still putting you're stick between onrushing players legs and tripping the second year of the new rules...Well thats just unacceptable.

As for Lewis....Again, I watched an awful lotta Winger games while he coached and quite frankly he was in over his head. Sincerely. He was outcoached time and time again and obviously Ken Holland in Detroit saw it because he hired Babcock after whipping Lewis. If you watched nightly you could even see it on a game to game basis.....Look, I love 90% of the moves here and the refreshing atmosphere around the organization.......That dont mean I have to cowtail to posters here who see everything as rosy. I guess the fact that we beat Montreal a couple times has everyone giddy.....Not me. IMO we have the horses to be a playoff team..If we are not I know who to blame.
you know Lewis more than me because my number one memory is the Kluzak hit. He seems a likeable enough guy and like Francona does nothing good or bad for me. If you watched the Wings then you have some frame of reference I sure don't. I'm open minded but inevitably it will come down to wins and losses and success in the playoffs. (the stache does drive me nuts, I wish he would just go a little bit out more and maybe do the Lindy Ruff thing)

I hope he does put Sturm back with the other two. Kessel is like someone gives you this great piece of furniture but you can't really figure out where to put it- so you decide to build an addition this time I would try him at second line LW for now. I'm not so sure about Primeau, but if you put Kessel at C with Ax and Donovan you'd have three guys that can move but two wingers who probably wont tally 35 goals.

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