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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its all good. But the reality whether you or I like it is there tends to be such perspectives and on both sides and that go beyond even present generations. Thats what I'm trying to convey. For instance how many times when you were a kid would you hear about "Canadian players" in a negative context before you had even developed your *own perspective*.

We're all products, in some way, of subtle, or overt generalization inputs. Even perpetuating them as I have done for point of illustration.
I wouldn't say growing up I was fed a negative point of view on canadian players, if anything everything canadian and north american when it came to hockey was held in absolute awe. So much so that swedish teams seemed to be beat before hand a lot of the time when they played Canada. It's only the last decade or so that sweden actually started to act like they have a chance when playing Canada. And still we tend to think of Canada as the great overlords of hockey thus giving Canada the edge before the puck has even dropped.

Growing up me and my friends favourite players were pretty much all canadian. Guys like Sundin, Forsberg and Lidström didn't really gain in popularity until the late 90s early 00s. Lidström wasn't held in very high regard by the masses until -06 and was probably more popular in NA than in Sweden up to that point.
Guys like me who grew up in the 90s favoured guys like Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy, Bourque, Robataille and so on, much more so than the swedish or other european players in that era. Canadian players were "cooler" and some guys even favoured the canadian NT over the boring swedish team.

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