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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post matter how much you might think, "oh all he has to do is open and close the door for his star players", he was gonna get nominated based off that no matter what.
Not that I care about this trophy, coaches can get fired the year they bring the team to the cup or win this trophy, and they last on average about 2.5years. So really, who cares.
I also think MacLean due to the injuries his team suffered is going to win this hands down.
That being said, Quenneville has some top end talent on his team, and they were favored to win the West. That doesn't mean it's an easy job, but when you look at the performances of other coaches, I rather focus on the ones that don't have as much elite talent and exceeded expectations.

This trophy is very unclear like a bunch of other ones. They never give Norris trophies to actual defensive Dmen. They don't give the Selke to an actual defensive checking center anymore. The Hart trophy isn't always given to the actual MVP of the team, I mean how is Crosby nominated when his team plays just fine without him.
So who's the best coach in the NHL, and why does it change every year?
Is Boudreau really a top 3 coach in the NHL because the Ducks played like garbage last year?
Should Therrien really be a nominee because our previous GM lost his cool and decided to put him a garbage coach that had no idea how to coach us, and also decided to sell assets leading us to a top 3 pick? I mean, I'm not taking anything away from Therrien, he still lead us to a division title, but just how much of it was really thanks to him is what I'm curious of.
PK continued his natural progression (he always took major progression steps in terms of development, this isn't new).
We finally got Markov back.
We got two very solid rookies that just fell into Therrien's lap.
Eller progressed on his own (I'm giving zero credit on Therrien for Eller. This kid has been pushed away by every single coach, low minutes, scratching, benching, defensive duties, other centers that are just as unproven and less promising were given more leeway and opportunities, no PP time, weaker linemates, etc. I give Eller 100% credit).
Bourque was determined to bounce back.
We added Prust who ended being very key for us.
Diaz had a solid start. Emelin did fairly well. These guys followed their footsteps from last year.

As I said, it could have been worse. If we had RC again here, I'm sure we'd have finished outside the POs.
What will be interesting is how Therrien follows through (likewise for Bergevin). We finished dead last in the East last year so it's kind of tough for people to set standards high after that. However, this year we finished at the top, so next year people will expect improvements and better results. We will see if they can provide them.

I swayed away from the subject, but all this to say, to me, the Jack Adams=Best coach, not most surprising results. Babcock is the best coach in the NHL with Bylsma behind. I don't think Boudreau or Therrien are even close to being the best coaches.

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