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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone say they prefer NBC to any of the Canadian broadcasters. What have these guys said that most of the hockey world hasn't said about Bryz? You do realize that if he would stop shooting his mouth off to the media he wouldn't look as bad as he does, right? We all know the Philly media sucks but why does he keep giving them ammunition? There is no reason to talk to them during the offseason.
Well, I don't like CBC, since they seem to use a boring play-by-play guy without a sidekick, making the entire thing even more boring. I saw their intermission a month or so ago, where the entire panel was actually laughing at Bryz and taking shots at him entirely freely. I mean, there was some truth to it, sure, but the whole thing was stupid.

As for TSN, Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro are enough to drive me away. As much as I dislike Pierre and Doc, I hate Miller's voice and Ferraro's lisp even more. And Miller is just clueless. Ferraro provides for decent analysis, but still. He's like that friendly, but oh-so-boring dude you'd never hang out with or want to listen to. I like MacKenzie, though.

As for NBC, I've only stumbled upon the killer duo of Doc and Pierre once or twice throughout these playoffs, but maybe that's because I stay away from the Eastern conference as much as I can. And the other guys have been great thus far. I also like Milbury as an analyst, although Jones's looking at the cues to figure out what he has to say annoy the hell out of me.

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