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Originally Posted by indigobuffalo View Post
There seems to be a lot of confusion about the compliance buyouts...

Why would you buy-out Grabovski or Liles??

There is still this thing called trading. And furthermore, who are you replacing them with? If you're buying out players to just make holes in the roster, then you're about as competent at armchair GM'ing as Lindsay Lohan is at managing her public image...

Grabovski is a core part of this team. He's got speed, endurance and is all heart. He's had seasons where he's been a serious offensive threat, and others where he's been a little more modest.

If we're all going to be fixated on his post-season contributions, can we please compare his abilities/production to Tyler Seguin? Let's forget about draft position and what the "clearly" means for ceiling/development. Yeesh...

Liles can at least fetch a 2nd rounder. He's still the same player from Colorado and he's on a better contract. There are teams that will want his services. He just doesn't fit with Toronto anymore, because of guys that do the same thing. Not every team in the NHL has a glut of PMD.
The reason people, including me are talking about buying them out is that cap management is key next year. They have huge cap hits for their production. They are expendable. Obviously if you can trade them for picks, prospects, etc you do it.

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