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05-17-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by The Big Unit View Post
As a coach you play the guys who give you the best chance to win right now. If Seguin is cold and Lucic is hot, who do you play? When the shoe is on the other foot and Seguin is hot and Lucic is cold, Julien plays Seguin. It's not as if Julien sat Lucic "cuz the games were meaningless", he sat him because he was playing like ****. Furthermore, sitting out a game is FAR worse than just getting demoted.
First off, its been more than ONE game. Secondly if you are saying that Lucic performs when the games matter most and Sequin performs better when the games done mean anything then I would agree completely.

Jonathan Teows 0 goals, 3 points and even "in the most important games of the year.
Patrick Kane 0 goals "in the most important games of the year."
Have they been demoted?

I know Kane has 6 assists but you can see my point here.
Not really. Of course the Hawks have only played 6 games so Kane is a ppg and +4. Sequin has played 8 games with 0 goals 1 assist and is -2. Not a good comparison.

I absolutely would trade 7th overall straight up for Skinner or Seguin and laugh about it all summer. Go peddle that trade on the Carolina board or the Boston board or even the main board and see how many people think we're coming out on the loser's end. However, that's just simply not a trade that's realistically going to happen, we both know this.
The same main board that still thinks Sequin > Hall? I dont think so. The trade may not happen, but Sequin is hella overrated on HF and this will become more apparent over time.

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