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05-17-2013, 05:16 PM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by pman25 View Post
I don't think the name will be changed, but it really should. I mean, it's equivalent to having a team named the Washington N-word. They are both equally offensive.

I realize the intention behind the name is not malicious or hateful, but it's just ignorant and tasteless.
Its not though. They are not the same.

Not even close.

Honestly, if Indians everywhere wanted it changed, and petitioned as such, I'd feel differently. But its not about them, for the most part. Its about people that have nothing better to do than fight the system in some manner...fight the power.

I have some Indian blood in me (not a lot, but its there), and I dont care. As many have pointed out, I think the Redskins are symbolic of the bravery and traditions of Indians.

But that's just me

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