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Originally Posted by The Flin Flon Bomber View Post
Ok folks. Lets break down this statement piece by piece (and don't try the "learn some history" bs on me.)

1. Its a way different culture in Russia than most other places. Tyrants and dictators get far more leeway historically there than in a lot of other places. Always has been that way. Also Stalin wasn't a communist. He was a Stalinist. Had the revolution against the Czar been some sort of fascist-based uprising, I have no doubt that Mr. Dzhugashvili would have thrown in his lot with that political movement. (Yes, I'm aware that a "no true scotsman" argument, but I think its pretty apt here)

2. Bryz's first statement Not completely without merit. Russia was a complete **** show pre-Bolshevik revolution and yes there were political prisoners pre-Stalin and whole bunch of other nasty bits. However, the whole spies, enemies, and traitors thing is a bit disingenuous, since Mr. Man of Steel was all of those things wrapped into one. But ok. Bryz isn't completely out to lunch there.

3. Not untrue, but again, disingenuous since most of Russia's problems with crime and infrastructure were the direct result of Stalin's megalomania and paranoia and other nastiness. Like pretty much killing his entire officer corps pre-war would be a good example. Oh and letting the actual real criminals (i.e not political prisoners) out of prison so they could fight in the war. Bryz is starting to show his historic blindspots. Unfortunately, he's not alone at all in this viewpoint. Now on to the next statement.

4. I can't begin to defend the utter failure of critical thinking in that paragraph. He starts off by shrugging off "repressing" innocent people because hey it happens. But then he gets incredulous when he cites the example of a single innocent person spending 45 years in jail. I mean all people have varying degrees of blind patriotism, but you rarely see such a failure of logical reasoning in a single paragraph. Holy bejesus.

But he can say what he wants and as long as he stops the puck I don't care. In fact, I really don't care anyway, but damn he's not making it easy. I came here to defend Bryz and try to inject some understanding of how Russians view Stalin and how maybe we should take what he said and view it in a different light. However...I just can't...because wow. I know he's not alone by any means in his view of Stalin but...I just can't imagine anyone of even average intelligence making the arguments the way he did. Its just mind-boggling to me.

Of course what he says is not relevant to what he does here as a goaltender, but
What about Guantanamo?

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