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Originally Posted by King Canuck View Post
A poster on the Canucks board brought this up. For instance say VAN and PHI did a deal for Luongo(Hypothetical) Say it's Briere and a 1st rounder or prospect for Luongo. If Van buys out Briere, couldn't PHI just sign him to a cheaper contract?

This has been posted all over the place where a team takes a bg salary with the plan to buy out the player the just acquired and he resigns with his original team.

It's effectively buying player/piks for the ost of the contract buyout.

N another thread someone suggested buffalo gets LeCav from Tampa then buys out the $45 M w/7 yrs left...then he resigns with buffalo is getting the players at the cost of the $30M buy out.

Another part f it s when can a team buy hm out.

There will be two late June before UFAs start and in September after arbitration hearings. If they trade for player X in late June and the lose bg in arbitration hearings will they be able to buy out player X.

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