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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Disagree, the fitter is limited. They do not have their foot in the boot, they also do not know how the skater skates. They have to ask the right questions and expect reliable answers. You can't blame the fitter just because you told them the the skates felt great in the store walking around but doesn't seem to work for some reason when on the ice. No one has a crystal ball.

Have you ever done fittings before? What if someone that you deem has a wide foot comes in and insists that a Vapor D width is the best? Because you should 'care' so much about their foot that you would insist right back? Your job is to fit, explain and offer alternatives, but ultimately to make a sale if you can. If they insist despite your best intentions, you take their money and perhaps include a mention on the receipt that the skates were not fitted your way. That's it.

Feet are organic, things change, everyone is different and everyone has to pitch in and help rectify the issue.
Very good post overall. Both the fitter and the person being fitted have to understand how the skate really should fit or it won't come out right. Of course, you cannot force them but it's very reasonable to express that point. They're paying so they get to make that decision but a good fitter should point it out. My point is that not all fitters will even do that.

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