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05-17-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Callahan is a very overrated player. He is not a very damn good player, he is a player who only produces because he gets spoonfed with minutes with skilled players that he eventually has to produce. He is a very bad captain and fails to produce in the playoffs. I don't see him as much flak as Stepan, a sophomore got last year. He's had less playoff points than Girardi the past 2 playoffs, yet everyone is basically fine with him moving. He is a player who takes no accountability for his team and his own **** poor play and I don't want him around the younger players on the team. Why is Ryan Callahan an untouchable on this team exactly?

Jaskin is a very big, skilled LWer who had the highest PPG in the CHL. He is only 19 years old and got cup of coffee with the Blues early this season. He was so good, they didn't both sending him straight to the AHL, but rather right away with the NHL club. He is a very realistic target the Rangers should be after and Callahan is a good fit for the Blues.

As for Staal, I think we could get the 6th overall pick this year, although with his recent injury history, I doubt he holds much value at this point.
Dude, who are you? Callahan is a bad leader? What? Absolutely NO ONE that knows anything about hockey would agree with you. If Callahan was a bad leader, do you think he would be Captain of the NYR? No... I don't think so. Are you even a Ranger fan? Because you frequent our board a lot but it doesn't seem like you actually ROOT for the Rangers.

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