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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
Agree to disagree, for a guy that doesn't get much rest and started every game down the stretch leading up to the playoffs two days isn't much. The longer you're away from the game the easier it is to lose focus as well.

Technically sure, but if you lose game one you still have an opportunity to redeem yourself. The pressure isn't the same in game 1 as it is in game 7.

Are you sure about this? Do you have a spreadsheet of all his "soft goals" throughout his career? Otherwise I would assume he let's in a relatively equal number of soft goals during the regular season and playoffs, just that maybe we notice them a little more in the playoffs?

If he was letting in a lot more soft goals in the playoffs his numbers wouldn't be so good...
No, of course I have no actual proof of this, just my observations. If you haven't noticed I harp on him for bad goals in the regular season too. I notice them well. I WILL say, that bad goals in the regular season are less memorable, though I still remember a soft goal he gave up to Toronto late in the season and that he had a poor game against Winnipeg. Anyway, I'd sometimes see him give up a goal and think it's been a while since I've seen him give up a goal like this. I haven't seen all of the games this year, but I honestly don't remember a goal as bad as the Chimera goal in any of the games. Maybe even the Chara goal.

He won't necessarily have worse stats if he gives up more soft goals for 2 reasons:

1) The games are tighter checking so you can't compare the 2 situations.

2) As I said he has worse than usual games but also better than usual games. They average out about the same. He had 3 games in 4 where he gave up 3 goals last season, outside of the first 3 games of the season last year, that happened very rarely if at all last season. He also had 2 shutouts. He had 2 shutouts in the entire season last year.

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