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05-17-2013, 07:13 PM
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Too bad there aren't more Quebecois refs. The band of Torontonians we have are bitter that they can't help the leafs because the few fans the unviable American franchises have would leave if they didn't get all the calls and they take it out on the habs.

This year's series seriously worried me because the habs will have to be massively better than anyone else to take another cup. Being good enough won't fly. Every series they've been in since '93 has had zany reffing:

Against buffalo with Vigneault they had sabres cycling without the puck to run Moog with no call and Hasek got calls when people tried to take the puck off his stick without touching him.
Justin Williams was allowed to whack people in the head with no calls. I admit he kept doing it after the habs series but he didn't get anyone the way he got Koivu after that, either. He went on a scoring spree because no one would defend him because they knew they would get hit in the head by his stick.
Even the series against Boston that they won featured some glaring non-calls, and then there was Mclaren...
Against the senators this year you just look at game 4. What can you say? WWF. Shameful. Beyond the obvious calls the refs were looking at the Ottawa players to decide what to do on faceoffs. Crazy...

In the regular season there are a number of refs that are worth at least a goal for the opponents, like Chris Lee, but in the playoffs it gets crazy. Homer calls are normal, there was a study that indicated the home field advantage in all sports was due to partisan officiating, but it's normally a small advantage.

I think the habs may be toast long term. The leafs too, oddly enough. The reffing against Boston (in the Toronto series) wasn't quite as blatant, but there was bias. Habs fans and Leafs fans will attend games if the team sucks. American teams won't. It's pretty clear the league gets that, and wants to maximize profits (and TV contracts, the Canadian outlets will pay even if there are no Canadian teams yet again).

We need a Canadian hockey league. The NHL has sunk too low.

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