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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
To me, this is the biggest issue I have with people trying to completely reject any value of these "advanced stats". So often, people assume that those who use/quote/study these numbers don't watch or understand hockey games.

Of course nobody is going to watch every game for every team, or even pay attention to every player in any one game, but if the numbers agree with what a guy IS able to watch and understand, then why wouldn't you assume they work for other players on other teams?

Because I can almost guarantee you that most people from the "I just watch the games" crowd use stats just as much to determine how good certain players are, they just use different ones, and probably don't watch any more hockey than those who reference things like "Corsi" and "on-ice save percentage".
I have no problems with the type of fan that you are describing, if they watch AND dabble in advanced stats a bit, fine. What I do have a problem with is those that don't watch much and feel that they are experts on every player in the league because they believe that player X from team Y is the same as a player on their team simply because some of their numbers are similar. It seems to me that advanced stats are at least heading in the right direction compared to what they first were when they were treated as gospel here, hell maybe in my lifetime there will be some that I genuinely value and respect. Until that time, it is what it is.

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