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05-17-2013, 11:38 PM
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Posted this in the Mem Cup thread on prospects board:

Don't know if I'm buying Zadorov in the top 15. Just got a bad feeling about him and transitioning to that lightning quick pro game, I don't like d-men that don't make instant plays when retrieving the puck. Might get pushback on this one but that's just my personal opinion.

Domi is a decent player. We'll see as the tourney goes on, should be interesting to keep tabs on. His dad is going to be in the middle of everything at the first sign of trouble/adversity in his pro career though (probably Hodgson's dad on steroids (literally)), but I have to think that Domi will play in the league. That low centre of gravity and exceptional core strength is key and one of the aspects that I believe will make his transition successful in due time. His quickness/explosiveness and nose for creating chances is terrific as well. Lots to be worked on like any prospect but I think he's the real deal. Wouldn't be mad with him inside the top 15.

Horvat is just terrific as always, I question the high-end offense if you're taking him top 10. I could see him exploding for points in the OHL next year because he's the kind of guy who will be able to figure out the league with his head and rack 'em up - but at the pro level we will see. I think he's so complete he almost cheats for defense a little. I'd like to see a real nasty side to him more but I just don't think that's his personality. His demeanour seems more Bergeron than Bolland or Kesler, he will be a very good 2C in this league for years though IMO - hockey sense and defensive awareness through the roof with this kid.

I absolutely love this tournament, it's one of my favorite hockey events of the year but have to admit this game was a snoozer. Had trouble focusing for the entire game, didn't watch in its entirety.

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