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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
LMAO! I didn't read the article at first when I saw this thread..just read all the comments first and the whole time I was thinking to myself..what an insulting denial!

The dude sent his private jet and lavished Bryz with praise and deference and it was no secret that from the crop of available goalies Bryz was the only one with the highest pedigree at the time.

Of course the article after I read it exposes Snider's BS....

I really hate Snider when he takes Flyers fans for fools.....he should know better but obviously his life of privilege and his big ego won't allow him to eat his humble pie...

The Emperor has no clothes...

I see what you're getting at, but it's still a bit presumptive. I could see a scenario where Ed was excited that Paul and the team had a good chance to sign what was perceived to be a top (UFA) goalie, and in the excitement, he got "involved" and helped woo him over with the lavish treatment to try and help seal the deal.

It doesn't mean it was Ed's idea to make Bryz the team's target. More likely there was some discussion about goalie options and Bryz was one of the top candidates...maybe Homer or someone on the staff made a case for Bryzgalov...I highly doubt Snider was the one making the call on those kinds of player decisions...I can see him giving his blessing to the signing, but I have a ahrd time believeing Snider overrided Homer and his staff to pick the player he personally wanted.

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