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05-18-2013, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post

This guy is such a waste of a roster spot it's not even funny. 0pts , who has 0pts? Me thats who, so therefore I am just as good as Toews and probably even better, as least I can grow a beard like a man. He is playing with superstars, Hossa has points and Toews, oh yeah nothing. He is dragging his whole line down.

Plus his +/- is 0, WTF? 0 what a loser. Everyone else seems to have something there but he is a 0, which is what he is on the ice too, worthless. When everyone else is contributing and all he is doing is skating around looking at the pretty lights. Take another penalty too jackass.

Lastly he can't even win FO anymore, what is he like 66% or something, Kane and Saad are at 100% and they aren't even centers. I bet Crawford could win more FO then Toews, your out there to do one thing and you can't even do that right. LOSER!

Bench, cut, or even kill him, if he ever plays for this team again I will burn all the Hawks things I own and go around destroying other peoples things, you can thank me later.
Is this forum even worthwhile? I see some decent stuff but when you get clueless children (with 3000 posts) running their keyboard mouths for attention, one has to wonder if it's even worth attempting to contribute to hockey discussion.

Same with any forum, most posters are young (and dumb) but because they played tier 2 in Northern Saskatchewan and have only lost a few hundred bucks from their allowances on ProLine, they know wtf they're talking about.

News flash kid. You don't.

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