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05-18-2013, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I hope you have a courage to apologize, to europeans because you claimed ALL europeans, except Swedes, are corrupted which you have no evidence for.

Nobody wants you to cooperate with KHL, we only want from you to ask your money from NHL. All story.
Apologize for what? Vorky, you need to read things more carefully. In no way did I call every European corrupt, I just called Russia and the KHL corrupt. After all, there's 21 teams based in Russia in the league, and I doubt they escape the rampant corruption in Russia. I'm pretty sure that corruption is rampant in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan as well. Oh, and since you're probably going to come with some sort of comeback against my allegations of corruptions, I suggest you to have a close look at this:

You obviously wanted that earlier. You wanted us to work with you to gain bargaining power against the NHL. Make your mind up, please.

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